Riviera Festival of Boating 2018

Press Release – For immediate release 

Riviera announces dates and pre-registration for the seventh Riviera and Belize Festival
of Boating in 2018

Australia’s world-class motor yacht builder, Riviera, has announced the dates for the 2018 Riviera and Belize Festival of Boating.

The Festival will run over four days from Thursday, May 24 to Sunday, May 27 at Riviera’s facility in Coomera, south-east Queensland.

Riviera’s focus on combining the rewards of the motor yachting lifestyle with learning opportunities will again be the theme of the Festival which will include a wide range of informative and hands-on educational workshops conducted by experts in their fields, designed to promote boating safety and to build confidence.

The most popular workshops will return with refreshed content, including the Ladies Skipper Program, safe towing and anchoring, understanding the weather, offshore seamanship and understanding navigation.

The popular guided tours of the Riviera facility will also return in 2018.

Riviera’s owner and chairman Rodney Longhurst said: “The Festival of Boating was created for Riviera and Belize owners to help them realise their full boating potential.

“We also welcome those who seek to join our Riviera family of owners and enjoy the best of motor yacht ownership.

“Whether you are investigating the incredible lifestyle of luxury motor yacht ownership or you have been enjoying boating all your life, everyone will discover something new and valuable at the 2018 Riviera and Belize Festival of Boating.”

In conjunction with its dealer network, Riviera has organised a range of exciting social events throughout the four days, culminating in the signature Saturday marina cocktail and gala evening.

Pre-registration for the Festival is now open for those who wish to receive the 2018 Festival program ahead of its public release.

Click here to pre-register: http://festivalofboating.com/

2018 Riviera and Belize Festival of Boating will run over four days from Thursday, May 24 to Sunday, May 27 and is held at the company’s yard in Coomera on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Australia.

Practical classes are an important element of the Festival education program.

Riviera will again share the very popular Tricks of the Trade to help owners improve their boating knowledge and to maintain their Riviera or Belize motor yacht. 

One of our most popular workshops, the Ladies Skipper Program will return in 2018 with fresh new content.

2018 will again offer hands-on training for motor yacht owners.

On-water workshops help owners learn more about handling their motor yachts.

The Riviera red carpet marina will again be a-buzz throughout the Festival as people inspect the very latest glistening Riviera and Belize motor yachts.

The Saturday night Festival gala event is always a favourite with the Riviera family. Last year more than 550 guests enjoyed the sumptuous dinner and sparkling entertainment during the Let’s Dance gala.

Brilliant choreography and dance during last year’s Riviera Festival Let’s Dance gala.

I am sailing! A dramatic and musical on-water opening to last year’s annual Festival of Boating gala evening.

View the highlights of the 2017 Riviera and Belize Festival of Boating in this video.