6 P’s of Selling a boat


There’s no doubt that some boats sell faster than others, what really helps your boat being one of these is meeting market expectations with the first 3 p’s. Presentation, Price and Pedigree. These three key factors motivate buyers to act so they don’t miss out on the boat they have been waiting for. The first three P’s can’t do it alone and that’s where we come in to make the process smoother. Our promotional methods have a high success rate reaching the right audience and that’s got a lot to do with the relationships we have with our customers. We have a large database of clients that are always looking for a variety of different models. Sometimes boats don’t even make it to the public market before we sell it, because one of our first points of call for a selling your boat is to one of our customers who have shown interest. Once we have an offer to purchase and a deposit from buyer we follow stringent processes to ensure that your boat is sold with as little complications as possible.

To understand the six P’s more read below.

  1. Presentation – When buyers view a potential boat for themselves, it really helps them to picture themselves as an owner of a boat that is clean tidy and free of personal possessions. It also helps us photograph a boat to a high standard if the interior an exterior are well maintained and presented. If you would like some advice on what you need to attend to on your boat then contact one of our staff who can help point you in the right direction. It’s better to achieve these tasks before presenting your boat to the market.
  2. Price – Some boats can sit on the market too long because they are not priced according to the current market. There are many optimistic private sellers on the internet with prices above the current market value, so be realistic in your research as to the asking price of your boat. We can help with working out the asking price of your boat once we know the features and upgrades it may have.
  3. Pedigree – Renowned brands sell over obscure or hardly known brands. If you are a Riviera owner you benefit from the reputation these boats have and if it is the right model at the right time of year there will always be people looking that we know.
  4. Promotion – We have an active group of over 3000 people that we can directly present your boat to, we also have close personal relationships with our customers and we will contact them when the right boat becomes available. Add to this we promote you boat on a multitude of different industry websites to ensure that your boat is able to be found.
  5. People – Our brokers have over 70 years of combined Riviera knowledge, that’s why we field so many calls for advice. Our relationships with our customers and reliability of dealing with the same person each time you contact us is why we have such established relationships with out clients.
  6. Process – Every step of the way we follow a format that ensures you the vendor and your boat are protected along the way.
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