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Experience life as a Riviera & Belize Owner

Experience life on a Riviera - Meet new friends and discover new places with R Marine Jones

Why do we do it? Because not everyone grew up exploring the vast Queensland coastline by boat and the skills needed to do such a task are learnt ones. We want people to make the most of Riviera ownership, these quality vessels are made to go places and like Emma said from the recent owner’s experience “Now we’ve done this first trip, we have greater confidence to go even further afield.” 


In South East, Queensland R Marine Jones has been leading adventures and Experiences aboard Riviera & Belize Motor Yachts since 2006. These “Experiences” start owners on journey's of accomplishments and discoveries, from inshore explorations to offshore passage making.  Ben who went from owning a "Tinny" boat to owning a Riviera 4700 Sports Yacht said this about his first Riviera Owner’s Trip two weeks and 560 nautical miles later…. “It was really comforting to do something as amazing as this... as part of a group – there’s always strength in numbers – and the experienced team from R Marine Jones gave us great confidence,”

Peel ISland

“I’ve been to the Whitsundays, to Lady Musgrave and to Peel Island and this trip was exceptional,” Gavin said. “Exploring Crab Island in the tenders was terrific … just seeing all the marine life. And The Gutter Bar – Randall Jones and his team had everything so well organised!”

Fun with old friends, making new friends, discovering new anchorages and exploring idyllic destinations – these phrases are repeatedly made when the Riviera Family describes what they like most about our inspiring cruising adventures.


“We are taking the fun of owning a Riviera to even greater heights.”


    • If you would like to register your interest in R Marine Jones cruising or social events, please email info@rmarinejones.com.au or phone +61 7 5502 9544.