The Great Sandy Straits and Lady Musgrave Island

Great Sandy Straits

Explore Near and Far The Great Sandy Straits/Lady Musgrave Experience, includes a trip to the Southern extremity of the Great Barrier Reef. For most of the participants, it is a 480nm return trip that expands your coastal cruising experience - fully supported. If you have ever wanted to extend the range of your adventures but […]

Gold Coast Rendezvous

Island hopping on the Broadwater   With nine times more waterways than Venice, the Gold Coast is a boating paradise with over 260 kilometres of navigable waterways within the city. At R Marine Jones we go Island Hopping regularly to some of the finest Island hopping destinations on the Gold Coast. Some of these island […]

Mega Raft Up X-Mas Party

Calypso Bay

Christmas Cheer & Overnight Raft Up   This year the Mega- Raft-Up will be another fantastic spectacle on the Gold Coast, combined with our Christmas Party it will be the premiere festive season event. Bring your Riviera or Belize Motor Yacht, your Christmas Spirit and get set for another incredible weekend rafted up! There’s nothing […]

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There is such a variety of events and experiences to be had as a Riviera owner, we meet up many times during the year for rendezvous and passage making experiences to discover new or return to some of our favourite places. When it’s boat show time in May our location puts us in the prime position inside the Riviera Festival of Boating overlooking the new boats and besides the VIP Riviera Owner’s lounge and restaurant. There are over 70 educational and 3 social events to further your knowledge or broaden your associations with the domestic and international Riviera family that congregate for Riviera’s Festival of Boating each year.

Whether you are new to boating or you’ve been around boats all your life discovering new places with the full support of our team is a very reassuring way to further your boating adventures. We closely follow the weather & tides, we plan for contingencies and our impeccable safety record is a testament to our thorough approach.

Some of the Experience trips we go on are short breaks for a weekend and some are further afield for a week or more. Have a look at our calendar below and see what events, experiences or rendezvous you would like to join in with us.

Rendezvous – Beach parties as well as supporting local events

Experiences – Long weekends and longer adventures

Social Events – Boat shows including our own social events during the Riviera Festival of Boating.

Education – Over 70 Educational seminars and demonstrations that cover all aspects of boat ownership and usage, Boat Refresher Course & Preventative Maintenance night